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Debug log - how to use it?

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Debug log
You will need debug logging if you experience unexplained behaviour from StellaWake. The PC will or will not sleep when you expect it to sleep. In this case, open a support ticket and save the debug log. You will be asked to email the log to an email address.

How to save the debug log and find it in the filesystem?

Switch to the Feedback tab and click Save debug log to disk button. Find the log here: launch Windows File Explorer and type %appdata%/Chimera/StellaWake into the location bar. You should see a couple of files. Stellawake.debuglog is what support needs for investigation.

The debuglog will only be updated when you click the above mentioned button OR when you exit StellaWake AFTER clicking the button.

The debuglog is always appended - whenever you click the button, new lines are going to be added to the log.

You can safely delete the debuglog. The log you have deleted will not come back, but fresh clicks on the log button will generate a new file.